Why use AFS for your Bookkeeping and Payroll

Posted on Mar 31, 2020 in AFS Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping, Payroll


AFS Relieve The Pressure of Your Bookkeeping & Payroll

Doing the bookwork is a necessary evil for all business owners. However in today’s world where there is barely enough time in the day to run your own business, doing unproductive bookkeeping and paperwork is often left to the last minute and then done quickly resulting in errors which later need to be amended by your accountant. All this adds up to lost time for you that you could better use growing your business as well as higher accounting fees at year end.bookkeeping receptionist

So it makes sense to outsource your bookkeeping and payroll needs to a professional organisation such as AFS to reduce your stress, save you money on accounting fees and give you back time to spend with your family or to grow your business.

Other advantages of using AFS for your bookkeeping and payroll include:

    • Record Keeping: Your records will be kept up to date and entered into a recognised accounting software package. This allows you to know how your business is going, know who currently owes you money and who you currently owe money to, all adding up to a more effective and efficient business.


    • Current Requirements: Having access to current financial data will also assist you if you wish to obtain a business loan or credit as management financial reports can quickly and easily be printed from your software package for presentation to the financial institution.


    • Quality Support: All staff at AFS are qualified accountants meaning your work is done correctly and gives you access to accountant quality assistance without the price tag.


    • Relevant Rules: AFS constantly keeps up to date with all relevant rules and regulations relating to bookkeeping and payroll meaning you can be assured that GST, payroll and superannuation requirements are being dealt with correctly.


    • Easy Access For Your Accountant: Using AFS means that your work will be completed in a software program that can be provided to your accountant at year end which should save you money on your accounting fees.


    • BAS Lodgement: As a Registered BAS Agent, AFS receives 2 months for you to lodge and pay your quarterly BAS rather than the 1 month you receive for most quarters if you lodge the return yourself.


    • Tracking Your Business: We can help you understand how your business is tracking by explaining your financial position and cash flow issues.


    • Support: We can liaise directly with your accountant on your behalf and/or help you to understand issues raised by your accountant.


Please contact us now if you would like AFS to help you with your bookkeeping and/or payroll needs.

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By Carissa Bell